Louderbranch Farms Greenhouses - It's the flavor you can't forget!

Welcome to the Louderbranch Farms Barnyard! 

Here you can experience and learn about the animals we own. We currently maintain cows, goats, chickens, donkeys and bees but we are rapidly increasing our selection. In the near future we plan on adding pigs, rabbits,ducks and more! Click on a picture below to find out more information about each animal and its purposes!

Our chicks are started in brooders inside one of our buildings for the first couple of weeks. They are then moved to portable pens that are moved every other day. While on pasture they are supplemented with a grower ration that is custom blended for us at our local feed mill.


 Our cattle are raised on mixed grass pastures and receive no steroids, hormones or growth promoters. Our chickens prefer you buy some beef!

                    Cooling off in the pond on a hot summer day! 


We keep donkeys in our pastures to help keep away predators. We have not had a problem with coyotes since we put the donkeys in with our other animals.



Our ducks are free ranged. Our ducks are started in brooders inside one of our buildings for the first couple of weeks. During this time they are fed a game bird starter ration. 


Our goats are mostly pets right now. We have some Myotonic Fainting Goats, a Nubian and a Boer. The fainters are considered meat goats. 





Above is a fainter that has learned to control his falling over. He just stiffens up.


Our hogs are raised on pasture and in the woods. They are supplemented with a 16% grower ration custom blended for us at a local feed mill. We do not give our animals antibiotics or growth hormones.

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