Louderbranch Farms Greenhouses - It's the flavor you can't forget!
At Louderbranch Farms we feel it is important that our customers know us individually as well as a family unit. This includes understanding the roles and responsibilities we each hold within the company. Each member brings different personality traits that together create a unique dynamic that enables the success of the farm.
Meet the Farmers!
Being a 3rd  generation farmer you could say farming runs in his blood. As a child and a young adult Mike Loudermilk knew he was made for more than sitting behind a desk in an office. Luckily enough, his vivid imagination and creative ideas translated flawlessly to the sustainable farm he operates today. His ability to create literally anything out of anything gives him an edge over others. You can also count on this hysterical man to be one-hundred percent involved in everything he does from            overseeing the farm to being a devout                                                   Christian, husband, and father.

As if being the Nursery and Store Manager is not enough responsibility, she also makes all handmade bath products and soaps for the store. From the sincerest place of her heart Rhonda Loudermilk makes sure to keep everyone in check. Her reality set mind provides the farm and the family with an anchor that grounds us all. Louderbranch Farms dedicates its success to Rhonda who is all in all the                                                   brains of this operation. Thank you for                                                   being awesome!
You could consider Derrick Loudermilk the Wal-Mart greeter of sustainable farming. His fun and outgoing personality makes him the perfect candidate for our delivery boy. He helps Louderbranch Farms by delivering bedding plants to local stores, and wins over the hearts of customers at the local markets. He also leads the land services division of the farm.
From milking goats to collecting eggs, Audrey Loudermilk is right there. Her role as Animal Manager entitles her to everything from simple everyday tasks to the long term vision of the “Animal Kingdom” as she likes to call it. In cohesion with Rhonda, Audrey is also the creative director of the store and market. She is currently in school obtaining a double major in Management and Accounting. Her future plans include making executive financial decisions for the company and one day       owning the farm. She even refers to herself                                           as the “Unofficial C.E.O”.

My name is Peaches otherwise known as “No! Get Down! Stop!” Wherever the family goes I am right there with ‘em leading the parade. When I’m not at the right hand side of one of my owners you can count on me to be chasing a squirrel… or sleeping. Fetch is one of my favorite games and playing with other dogs is the best!! I am always upbeat and love to welcome customers to the store!! Hope to see you there soon!
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